DJI's popular drone is on sale for its lowest price ever

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Now's the time to snag this popular drone.

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Person sitting on bike in desert flying a drone

Take stunning videos of the places you go. Credit: DJI

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SAVE $199: The DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo, one of the best camera drones on the market, is on sale at Amazon for $789 as of March 10. That's 20% less than its regular price of $988.

DJI is the leading brand for camera drones for a reason — their Hasselblad cameras, automated flight features, and intuitive controls are an industry standard other brands struggle to live up to. Their models populate just about every "Best Drones" list, to widespread professional and amateur videographer consensus alike.

While these drones come at a range of price points, from the sub-$300 Mini SE to the just-under-$3,000 Inspire 2, they definitely sit on the pricier side of things — which is why a deal this good is hard to pass up.

Why the DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo is a great buy

The Mavic Air 2 is a perfect example of DJI's brand reputation. Not only does it have a powerful camera (capable of 4K/60fps video, 48MP photo, and 8K hyperlapse), it also has various shooting modes to spice up your videography. And did we mention their excellent insurance coverage? I flew mine into the ocean the first time I took it out and got a brand new one delivered, no questions asked.

If there's one drawback to this versatile, powerful drone, it's that the battery life lasts 34 minutes — this is fairly long in comparison to other drones in the market, but it's never fun to lug a camera around on a six-hour hike for just half an hour of footage. This is where the Fly More combo comes in — it includes two extra batteries, three pairs of extra propellers, a battery charging hub (so that you don't have to switch out all three batteries one by one), battery to power bank adapter, and an ND filters set (for the camera), all in a padded shoulder bag designed to protect the drone.

Seriously, this is a really good deal

The Fly More package alone is worth $199, but with the 20% discount, the Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo (drone + Fly More accessories) is actually $10 less than just the drone itself, which means you get all those add-ons for free and an extra $10 off the unit itself.

Drone and accessories kit with controller, lens filters, batteries, extra propellers, and bag

Credit: DJI

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